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Curbed Awards '07 Neighborhoods I: Preservation/Expansion!

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Whew, 2007 was a wild one, wasn't it? To honor the insanity that crept into all matters neighborhoodish and real estatey, we present the Fourth Annual Curbed Awards. This year, the awards will be presented in small batches through Monday. Today, we tackle the year in urban planning and neighborhoods.

Lost Neighborhood Landmarks of the Year
3) Chase moves into the old Second Avenue Deli space, forcing the new Second Avenue Deli to, um, Murray Hill.
2) The empty CBGB space on The Bowery finds an upscale new tenant. A John Varvatos bit boot, you say? A mere $450! Plus tax!
1) The desperate pleas of preservationists couldn't save downtown relic 213 Pearl Street, but at least it went out in a blaze of glory (top).

Threatened Landmarks That Are Somehow Still Standing
3) The Upper Third of The High Line. With all but one of the Hudson Yards development plans incorporating the old rail line, this one looks headed for a happy ending. Please? Pretty please?

2) For the second year running, the Admiral's Row Houses at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Will preservation or produce win out? Stay tuned!
1) Streit's Matzo Factory on the Lower East Side (right). A Lower East Side where we can't watch our matzos being made is a Lower East Side we want no part of. Alas, with the four-building Streit's property hitting the market for $25 million, it's also a reality we're probably going to have to face.

Top Three Reasons To Keep Hating NYU
3) The St. Ann's Megadorm on East 12th Street? Even NYU's sorry they couldn't make the thing less horrifyingly huge.
2) Its expansion plans resemble a blast circle.
1) For its students' innovative pop-up art projects at One Ten 3rd. Actually, this is a reason to love NYU. Our bad.