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Save Astoria Facebook Group Targets 'Flamboyant Hipsters'

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Much love to the Daily News today for turning us on to the Save Astoria Group on Facebook. Let's cut right to the newly formed group's mission statement:

Its no secret that historically, Greeks have done a lot more beefing with one another than other wise. On the few occasions that we did manage to come together, we became a formidable force ie; Persian Wars, Alexander the Great, World War II etc. Now the time has come again to save the neighborhood we covet and cherish. Many of us call this place home. Whether or not we live there currently or not, we all feel a sense of community on those numerous blocks. Until recently, Astoria was just another section of the city. It however has become a hotbed of attraction. Guitar playing Hipsters looking to replace the souvlaki guy on the corner must not be allowed. We must band together to prevent flamboyant hipsters from turning our churches, cafes and hang outs into wasteful art exhibits!

Do click through to enjoy the full genius yourself, including this admonition: "When the RENT FOR STUDIO IN ASTORIA HAS BECOME 1250 a know enough is enough." Sadly, admission is by permission only, or we'd already be on board.
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