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Times Square's Stairway to Nowhere Primps for New Year's

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If those dancin' feet of Times Square could tap their way up this rack of glass during the Monday night's New Year's Eve celebration, then they'd be dancin' on thin air. Regardless, lots of progress at the Stairway to Nowhere since our last reportage a couple of weeks back. Alas, none of those glorious red glass treads have been laid down yet. But a bunch of busy little elves from William Fellows Architects and Perkins Eastman Architecture found time last week to hang the last of the glass stringers above the new TKTS pod. Then they rolled that big old construction crane out of the official NYC Celebration Zone.

Celebration attendees would be wise to consider some Frequently Asked Questions before getting caged up in one of the accommodating but not too comfy party pens going up around The Deuce. Per the FAQ list at the Times Square Alliance website: There will be no Porta-Potties for the partiers. So plan accordingly. Whatever that might require. And of course, no bottles will be allowed within the Zone. Still, try to have some fun. Just not too much.

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