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Desperate in Shangri-La: Bid on a Condo by 5PM

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Shangri-La is up for sale by sealed bid. Brownstoner put out the word today via a found real estate sales listing for the condo, which only has sold 1 out of 16 units during the time it's been on the market. Is it "desperation"? Well, it's an ad that screams "MUST SELL" and "ALL REASONABLE OFFERS ACCEPTED" and that must be sending chills up the spine of every developer that has put up a bland building and asked very high prices while trying to redefine a neighborhood. The ad says the building is in Park Slope, although it's on Sixth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets, which is so close to Green-Wood Cemetery that a buyer could practically dive off the roof and get an instant burial. Even a change of brokers and name change from "Shangri-La" to 710 Sixth Avenue apparently didn't help. Please act quickly, however. Sealed bids are only being accepted until 5PM. Our apologies for the short notice.
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