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Times Square Tourists About to be Really Confused

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Do our eyes deceive us, or did we really just see Mayor Bloomberg unveil a Hudson Yards 7-train sign in Times Square on the local news? We snapped a quick picture to prove that, in fact, we are not crazy. Today is the MTA's groundbreaking on the $2.1 billion No. 7 extension, which as of this very moment only includes a new station at 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue, between the Hudson Yards and the Javits Center. Don't get the politicians started on that whole Far West 42nd Street thing. That war still has some battles left in it. So, now more than ever (yay signage!), we believe the Hudson Yards will actually get built. But, uh, is that thing just going to be hanging there and leading tourists to a ghost train for the next six years? If so, awesome.
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