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Fun with Cars #2: Shot Up in Carroll Gardens

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It's pretty clear what happened to this Audi. What's less certain is why it's been parked at a bus stop on Union Street in Carroll Gardens for two weeks. Our tipster explains:

If you take a walk by Mazzolla on Union and Henry, you will see parked in the bus stop a silver Audi SUV with a smashed rear window. If you walk around the car you will see that it is riddled with bullet holes on the drivers side, each one labeled and numbered, and inside you will see blood spattered!...It is right in front of the bus stop that all the Brooklyn New School kids take and of course Mazzolla is a big magnet for kids. It is clearly some sort of evidence of a crime but It is just so wrong to keep it there. I have called 311 and have also talked to a local cop who says it is not the precinct’s car.Finally, a way to park in a bus stop and not get ticketed or towed.
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