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Hell Blech! Here Comes the New Museum Backlash

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Well, that didn't take long, did it? The New Museum's grand opening this weekend was accompanied by near universal praise for SANAA's bold architectural vision, but things may have already soured on the Bowery. Writing for Bloomberg, architecture critic James Russell says the building doesn't distract from the art work on display inside, yet it fails to nurture it. In fact, Russell says the New Museum puts art in a "deep freeze." This cat's got claws! And what about that free, marathon grand opening for the hoi polloi, who will undoubtedly never step foot in the New Museum again? Maybe it didn't go so well. Over the weekend, this dropped into the inbox:

First, the only exciting thing about the New Museum opening in my opinion.....was Target. Target sponsored the opening and basically let everyone in for free.....if you took the elevator to the 7th floor Target supplied you with little bags that you could fill with Target colored candy, and admire the beautiful view ( FUN! )......... Well that's where the fun stopped.....

Step down the stairs to the 6th floor.....opening the door.....I was suprised how dull and uninteresting the exhibit was.....after literally 1 minute......the SNOTTIEST woman I have ever met marched up to me, and in the nastiest voice I have heard in years......REPRIMANDED ME for eating candy! HOW dare I!?! WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU HAND OUT CANDY, AND THEN DEMAND THAT NO ONE EAT IT!? Or for god's sakes ....put up a sign or something. Fine. I left the floor....thinking she just had a stick up her you-know-what, and that that was probably why they stuck her on the boring "education" floor................but OH NO.

On every single floor the guards' job was to make all the New Museum guests feel like idiots for eating candy they were given, as we were all screamed at over and over.....sheesh.

And don't get me started on the art......


What.....did they spend all the money in the budget on the building, and forget they might need to put something in it!?!? ....... BUT even funnier....was the guards YELLING at everyone for taking pictures. I mean seriously!?! Who cares anyway? can just walk outside and photograph the NYC trash bins...the pictures will look about the same.......

Overall, I suppose what we can expect at the New Museum is a lot of rudeness, and yelling.........that's not really so NEW for NYC, is it?

Hell, um, yes?
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