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Flushing, Brighton Beach, Etc. Are Booming

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In the end, it's about the kielbasa and the Hindu scriptures. A recent report from the Center for an Urban Future that concludes that immigrant business areas like Jackson Heights and Brighton Beach are doing very, very well. Citywide, the number of business was up 10 percent between 1994 and 2004, but the figure jumped 54% in Flushing, 47% in Sunset Park and 34% in Sheepshead Bay & Brighton Beach. The report highlights neighborhods like Astoria with Greek specialities, Pakistani stores along Coney Island Ave. in Midwood, stores catering to Guyanese immigrants, Trinidadians and Sikhs in Richmond Hill and the Chinese, Korean and Indian shops in Flushing. It's particularly big on Flushing, which in the words of a Daily News story today has "exploded" into being "a weekend destination" for both shoppers and tourists.
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