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Yardsmania: Is Related's Murdochville Inevitable?

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The Hudson Yards. Moynihan Station. Big, confusing urban planning topics, but New York magazine's Anthony Weiss and Alec Appelbaum do the Lord's work this week and tackle both of them. Over at the Yards, the two handicap the race even though their assumption is that the redevelopment will fall into the lap of more than one company. They agree with the experts and Curbed HQ and annoint Related's proposal as the favorite (much to the chagrin of the Times' architecture critic). They write:

The plan is the front-runner—though it will almost certainly be rejiggered to incorporate aspects of the other bids. With Kohn Pederson Fox as lead architect, its strength lies in having lined up News Corp. and established a financing partnership with Goldman Sachs as well as Ross’s chummy relationship with city planning czar Dan Doctoroff (they both once owned pieces of the Islanders).Also, Related hired Vishaan Chakrabarti, who ran the Manhattan Office of City Planning during the rezoning of the West Side. Smooth. Very smooth. By the way, there's only 3+ more months of wild speculation until the MTA makes up its mind. Hooray!
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