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Curbed Awards '07 The People: Celebrities, Brokers, More!

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Whew, 2007 was a wild one, wasn't it? To honor the insanity that crept into all matters neighborhoodish and real estatey, we present the Fourth Annual Curbed Awards. This year, the awards will be presented in small batches, finishing today. Today, we continue to tackle the year in urban planning and neighborhoods, but here, a brief aside to celebrate the real estate superstars who made it all happen.

Celebrity of the Year
3) Bono. Yes, he failed to buy at Julian Schnabel's loopy Palazzo Chupi, but merely by touring the place, he imbued an odd pink tower with actual import. Remarkable.
2) Madonna. Shopping for townhouses, eyeing Chupi, suing a co-op board, seeking Kaballah space on Ludlow—it's like she never went away.
1) Lenny Kravitz. Consensus was that the much-heralded redecorating of his 30 Crosby Street Soho duplex (above) was a letdown. You know what? Fuck consensus. It's back on the market yet again, this time for $19.5 million.

Developer of the Year
3) Toll Brothers. Just because.
2) AvalonBay. Bowery creep, QueensWest, and who knows what else is ahead.
1) Ben Shaoul. Built A Building, booted St. Mark's squatters. Gave the world YVES.

Broker of the Year
Elliman's Michael Hoy, for popularizing (or at least snagging credit for) the YouTube walk-through apartment videos, in all their low-tech glory (right). More of these from everyone in 2008, please.

The Barbara Corcoran Lifetime Achievement Award
Awarded annually to Barbara Corcoran, this year for her unrelenting support for Red Hook (and the building she owns there) even as some wondered whether the neighborhood's so-called degentrification might render her investment worthless: "Over time it’s sure to prove to be another nice, juicy retirement fund--just like the god-awful buildings I bought 12 years ago in the West Village, eight years ago in theEast Village, and four years ago in the South Bronx. Collectively, they’ve appreciated about 500% and I expect my building in Red Hook to join this happy club."

The Michael Shvo Gross Overexposure Award
Awarded annually to that person that wrote themselves into the headlines most frequently in the last calendar year. Awarded this year to Ian Schrager, who, between the continued hype around the Gramercy Park Hotel (and the anti-hype surrounding its restaurant disaster, Wakiya) and, of course, 40 Bond, never strayed from our thoughts.