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It Happened One (Holiday) Weekend: End Times Nigh!

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1) The City Section asks 10 New Yorkers to envision life in the big city in 2108. Jim Cramer: "It'll be like a country place for the wealthy elite of the world. 'Oh, yeah, I have a country place—I have the Essex House.'" [City Section]

2) Speaking of which, folks who happen to own Manhattan real estate are finding they can exploit the discrepancy between values in and out of the city and trade their Upper West Side shoeboxes for an actual home—in Connecticut. The other fun thing about Connecticut? New developments are totally tanking there! [Christine Haughney/Cashing Out of NYC]

3) Remember when media baron Rupert Murdoch paid $44 million for the triplex penthouse at 834 Fifth Avenue (right)? Three years later, renovation work is still underway: "Recently, some of Mr. Murdoch’s windows were completely open to the weather, and it was possible to see construction lights strung around the apartment’s interior. Completion does not seem to be nigh." [Christopher Gray/Streetscapes]

4) Looks like Apprentice first season runner-up Kwame Jackson is in trouble with his own triplex, this one in Harlem. Seems a lien has been placed on his West 123rd Street place for nonpayment of common charges totalling over $12,000. Paging The Donald... [Braden Keil/Page Six]

834 Fifth Avenue

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY