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On the Racked: MePa Goes iPacking, Grosstedes Shuts Self Down, Brooklyn Fox Coming to Burg, More

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1) MePa: The finish touches are being put on Apple's massive 14th Street emporium and Racked offers up a sneak peek through the construction gate at the spiral staircase that will convey shoppers to the upper floors. And, yes, there is photographic proof that the opening is happening, Friday at 6:00 PM.

2) West Village: The Hudson Street space that housed what was (not lovingly) known as Grosstedes is turning into a Duane Reade. An emailer writes that the former Gristedes store "was in such a decline, they decided to just close it rather than wait for it to be shut down by DoH."

3) Williamsburg: More signs of change in the Burg as Racked reports on the coming of the new "high-end undie emporium Brooklyn Fox Lingerie." It's going into the mini-mall at 132 N. 5 Street. Just in case one needs elegant underthings around Fifth Avenue and E. 13th Street, Racked also offer that Journelle will be serving up innerwear at 3 East 17th Street.

4) MePa: Finally, designer Adam Lippes is opening ADAM, a 2,500-square-foot boutique at 678 Hudson Street between W 13th and W 14th Streets. Per Racked: "Lippes will stock the shop with his popular soft cotton t-shirts and basic undies as well as his entire line of contemporary sportswear for men and women.