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Ikea Chopping Up Red Hook Piers, Adding Ferry Dock?

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Ikea is asking the Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to build a ferry dock at its waterfront property in Red Hook and locals are (again) taking issue with the retailer about its plans to chop up four piers on its property. Two of the piers are, apparently, wrecks. Two of them, however, could be used by everything from barges to historic ships. The piers wouldn't be totally destroyed, but Ikea is kind of cutting them into pieces. A tipster tells us:

The piers that still exist would be disconnected from land. There's no use for a pier that the public can't get to or that a ship's crew couldn't get to without a boat. If Ikea severs those piers, we'll never get a permit to build them back and that infrastructure will be lost.The retailer hasn't made it clear why it wants to cut off the piers (some of which may have already happened), but it could have something to do with insurance and liability. The Army Corps of Engineers' very under-the-radar public comment period closes tomorrow. In related matters, two barges that sank off Red Hook sometime over Thanksgiving weekend had been doing Ikea-related work.
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