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Curbed Cup Play-In Round: Hell Square vs. Hudson Square

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As we discussed last week, this December we're hosting The Curbed Cup, a 16-neighborhood reader-voted tournament to name Curbed, Eater, and Racked's Neighborhood of the Year for 2007. After pouring over nearly 200 reader nominations, and comparing notes at Curbed HQ, we're almost ready for this thing to officially get underway tomorrow. But before that, today we have two preliminary votes for your consideration this afternoon. The winners of these votes will become the No. 15 and No. 16 seeds in the tournament, with the full bracket to be revealed tomorrow.

Here's today's first preliminary round play-in, an epic faceoff between two very Square places. After the jump, the respective neighborhood highlights and lowlights of 2007. So who's more worthy of consideration for NYC's neighborhood of 2007, Hudson Square or Hell Square? Polls close at 9am tomorrow.

Hudson Square (aka West Soho, WeVar, EarInn)
2007 Notables:
· Donald Trump arrived, rendered, and began work on his masterpiece...
· ...then circled overhead in his helicopter, partaking in his kingdom
· Meanwhile, the neighborhood got its Gansevoort on
· And foresaw an even more insane future for itself
· Restaurant-wise, well, we still don't understand what the hell happened at Charolais

Hell Square (Northern Portion of Lower East Side)
2007 Notables:
· Scored its first (and Manhattan's second) mechanical bull
· Learned to love $5,580/month rents for new 2BRs
· Saw itself terrorized by a temporary Steve Madden outlet that's already closed
· And tormented by Microsoft Zune's inept marketing team
· Endured the closing of the legendary Tonic and the legendary Sin-e

Other notables we forgot? Do let us know.