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Cool New Thing: CrashStat 2.0

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It's now possible to plot, in excruciating detail, where you are most likely to be run down by a car while crossing the street or riding a bike. CrashStat, which is a product of Transportation Alternatives, has been around for a while, but version 2.0 enables one to foretell one's demise via unpleasant interaction between body and machine with greater precision than was previously the case. That having been said, CrashStat lists out the most dangerous intersections by borough, with Manhattan having the winner from 1995-2005:

• Manhattan: Park Avenue and East 33rd Street: 156 crashes,
• Brooklyn: Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue: 120 crashes
• The Bronx: East Fordham Road and Webster Avenue: 99 crashes
• Queens: Queens Boulevard and 63rd Road: 72 crashes

• Staten Island: Hylan Boulevard and New Dorp Lane: 34 crashesWho knew that Park Ave. is the top Avenue of Death?
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