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Harlem's Battle of 125th Street Heating Up Again

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The Columbia Expansion plan has been getting all the attention lately, but another big Harlem fight is about to heat up again. The Battle of 125th Street, aka the Bloomberg Administration's big rezoning plan for 125th Street and environs, heads to the local community board for a vote tomorrow. What makes it interesting is that CB10 has been asking for people to email or phone in votes for or against the Bloomberg plan and has put together its own alternate plan. The two plans are similar in some ways and very far apart in others. The city proposal proposal for a corridor from Frederick Douglass Boulevard and Second Avenue between 124th and 126th streets would allow up to 2,300 apartments and 600,000 square feet of retail and it would reduce some building sizes from what's currently allowed. CB10, though, thinks it allows way too much housing on 125th Street and that buildings should be capped at 16 stories rather than 29. It also wants design guidelines to preserve "Harlem's Main Street character" and says the city's plan has too much luxury housing and not enough affordable units. More to come.
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