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Upper East Side Rebels Against Those Damn Kids With Their Parties and Their Noise and Their Eating

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Like China protecting itself from Mongol invaders, the Upper East Side is looking to fortify its boundaries from hordes of foul, uh, party-goers. But instead of building a huge wall to keep out the plebeians, the elder council of the 10021 is fighting back the only way they know how: by bitching and moaning and pressuring the city to revoke permits. First it was Mike Wallace and friends' Save Park Avenue’s Residential Character committee, which aims to prevent a renovated Seventh Regiment Armory from hosting large-scale performances and functions. And now, the Third Church of Christ, Scientist on Park Avenue and 63rd Street has had its catering permit revoked after neighbors complained about social events in the church's hall. The Post reports that the church is now suing the city for bending to the will of "a small group of affluent, influential denizens of Park Avenue." Yeesh, when did the Upper East Side turn into the stuffy, crotchety Upper West Side? Oh yeah, forever ago.
· $tarved Church Sues City [NYP]