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Famed Brooklyn Movie Palace Will Continue to Rot for Now

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Don't look for any shows at the famous Loew's Kings Theater in Flatbush because the theater will remain a spectacular mess for some time to come. Last year, the city asked for developers interested in redoing the old theater, which is one of the five original "Wonder Theaters." The original goal was renovating the theater by 2009. That's not going to happen, says today's Daily News, which raises the possibility that nothing may happen for a long, long time. The 3,000-seat theater has been shut for 30 years and its chandeliers and mahogany paneling have been rotting in place. In any case, 13 months after the flurry of activity, the city won't say how many responses it got or what was the proposals were. They also say they still have to study how much it will cost to renovate and repair the trashed theater. Renovation plans have been kicking around for a long time and fallen through in the past. Sometime around 2012ish, then?
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[Photo courtesy of Flatbush Gardener/flickr]