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LES W Hotel Rumor Revived: Jarmulovsky, Perhaps?

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New York's restaurant blog Grub Street does a little Grade-A rumormongering today, passing along a whisper regarding Ian Schrager opening a W Hotel where Good World now serves up gravlax on the Lower East Side. Yowzers! A person at Good World has issued a denial, and let's not forget that Schrager already has a deal with Marriott, but we've dabbled in an Orchard Street W Hotel rumor before, and it's just so much fun to think about a gigantic W Hotel deep in the BelDel, no? Wait, don't answer that. And after that bit of SchragerMania comes an update on 54 Canal Street, aka the Jarmulovsky Bank Building (right), a Curbed favorite from way back. We've been waiting for this thing to go hotel for over two years now, and the Grub Streeters report that the building "was slated to be developed by Raber Enterprise, but an employee at Raber tells us it is no longer owned by them, and that it’s a strong possibility that the new developer (who that employee says is not Schrager but would not name) will claim the entire block." Hmm, could the Jarmulovsky Bank Building evolve into a Lower East Side W Hotel? Crazier things have happened. OK, they haven't.
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