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Building Collapse Betting Pool: 1000 Manhattan Avenue

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1000 Manhattan Avenue is one of those buildings that has been engaged in a brave fight with gravity and old construction materials for a long, long time. The Department of Buildings has also been on 1000 Manhattan's case. There is a long trail of violations on 1000 Manhattan, including "failure to maintain." What's less clear is whether any of it has had any effect, other than the bizarre bracing in the middle of the sidewalk that keeps the building from coming down. The next hearing date for the building's owners is February 4, unless, the wind picks up again and it comes down first. In any case, NY Shitty raises an interesting question:

Perhaps that is the problem? We Greenpointers are too polite. We have grown acclimatized to living in conditions that would be considered unacceptable in “better” neighborhoods. Would this fly on 7th Avenue (Park Slope— or Manhattan, for that matter)? What about Smith or Court Street? I think not.The best question, though, is when will it fall?

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