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Curbed Cup First Round: (8) Soho vs. (9) Tribeca

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The Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year, for the past three years has been determined by reader vote. This year, we're upping the ante with a 16-neighborhood elimination tournament spanning the month of December. The first round begins today and run through next Monday, with two faceoffs per day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Let's get to it, yes?

This first-round matchup is a battle of classic downtown neighborhoods. In one corner, we've got Soho, the #8 seed, which enjoyed quite the year on the retail front, especially on Broadway where Muji and CB2 opened and TopShop declared its intentions to move in. But the neighborhood also lost some old favorites, like Jerry's, and Lenny Kravitz's redecoration of his 30 Crosby penthouse was for shit. Tribeca, the #9 seed, saw Bubby's get DOH'd, and skyscraper plans a' plenty far north of Ground Zero. (More year-end recaps after the jump.) So who advances to round two to play the winner of this afternoon's matchup?

2007 Notables:
· Lenny Kravitz redecorated his apartment again, yours for a mere $19.5 million
· Cabana, repeat CABANA, offered at 40 Mercer for $340,000
· And is the famed Puck Building really going hotel?
· Well, there's definitely a huge hotel coming to the Moondance Diner site
· Muji, people. Muji opened on Broadway and all rejoiced
· On the severe downside, Crocs set to open in old Tennessee Mt. space
· Restaurant legends Jerry's and Honmura Ann gave up the ghost...
· But through it all, even with playing cards, there was Balthazar

2007 Notables:
· 'Our Suburb' on No. Moore got its very own swimming pool delivered
· Debate swirled viz. proper nomenclature for the southern part of the nabe
· Robert Deniro's Greenwich Hotel prepped for its gala squeeky debut
· Residents braced for 57 stories of Swiss goodness
· Amidst other construction rubble, 101 Warren scored a Bed Bath & Beyond!
· Stalwart eatery Bubby's slapped down by Dept. of Health
· While secret-ish bars with elevator bathrooms entranced the hipsterati

Other notables we overlooked? Do let us know. And your best arguments for neighborhood superiority or inferiority are welcomed in the comments below, too.