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Crappy Part of Broadway Will Suffer Hipster Invasion

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For those not in the market for knockoff electronics, cheap leather goods or hot roasted nuts, the stretch of Broadway between Madison and Herald Squares absolutely sucks. But soon, it will not suck. New York reports that the hip Seattle Ace Hotel will open an outpost at Broadway and 29th Street in 2009. The space is the landmarked Hotel Breslin (right), which long ago CATERED TO CANADIENS and has recently slipped into SRO neglect. The hotel will have a Rudy's Barber Shop (as seen in downtown L.A.'s Standard Hotel), a coffee shop called Stumptown and a restaurant from Spotted Pig co-owner Ken Friedman. The Ace Hotel is sure to change the neighborhood, and the Intelligencer gang is already siding with the new micronabe name Soma, for south of Macy's.
· Coffee & Grunge to Gentrify ‘Soma’ [NYM]