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City Council Wades Into Landlord-Tenant Spats

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Landlords harassing tenants is nothing new around these parts. In fact, it's rather textbook. Oddly, however, some see the shutting off of heat and hot water and general dereliction of landlordly duties as something that should be punished, rather than laughed off as part of the wacky New York rental scene. Weird! The Village Voice has an interesting update on the landlord-tenant rent wars penned by Tom Robbins, who focuses on two bills soon to be discussed by the city council's housing and buildings committee. One, introduced by speaker Christine Quinn, would allow tenants to cite landlords for harassment, which would be covered under the city's housing-maintenance code. The other bill is similar, but would in turn allow landlords to sue tenants for their own harassment. Whoa now! That would be a little scary.
· Slumming for Landlords [VV]

[Screw Rent photo via lopolis/Flickr]