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785 Eighth Puts On a Party Hat for the Holidays

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Now that we've had our first wintry snow, the frolicking holiday festivities can't be far behind. The new 785 Eighth Avenue infinity column from Ismael Leyva certainly hopes so. This tall one is definitely ready to raise a toast or two, as is clear from the new noggin-topper that's been added way up high. We're not seeing a tree up there yet, so it can't be said that these 42 stories have topped out. But those Leyva-istas are flying the flag here. Let's drink to that!

The top of 785 Eighth Avenue.

A bit of color is just what is needed to brighten these dark days. An added cloak of glass could help to keep this bare baby warm, but not a cleat has been attached. So there's nothing to hold the curtain wall onto all that cold concrete. Brrrr. But after seeing what those Leyva kids are putting up down in Chelsea, the absence of glass here might actually be something to celebrate. Bottoms up!

Glass-free--and better for it?

How they claim she'll look when she's all dolled up.
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