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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: 16 Prince, Gateway Crash, Mercer Mystery

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1) Nolita Not much intel regarding the long-stalled project at 16 Prince Street in Nolita, but one commenter chirped in: "I hear that 16 Prince will be represented by Stribling Marketing." Well then. We wait with anticipation!

2) Harlem: On the topic of the Gateway II Phase 2 condo building and it's own long-stalledyness, also nothing concrete, but there was this: "the developers are probably waiting for the rezoning of 125th while they wait they are also hoping that those who placed down payments will back out..... then they'll jack-up the prices."

3) Soho This was the hot issue of the week. The question dealt with a seemingly neglected private home in Soho, reportedly on Mercer Street. One commenter had a correction: "139 Greene Street is a private residence owned by Peter Ballantine (art supervisor for the Judd Foundation at 101 Spring Street) and his wife. You just try maintaining a building in SoHo on an art supervisor's wages!" The discussion quickly turned to a debate about the past, present and future of artists in Soho. Fun for the whole family!
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