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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Upper East Side Grandeur

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And now, the answer to yesterday's Curbed Pricespotter...

Location: 888 Park Avenue, Apartment 7C
Asking: 18,500,000

Our look at what Park Avenue opulence goes for nowadays?while Fifth Avenue is busy breaking records?led us to the above 13-room co-op, whose asking price will either surprise you, or not surprise you at all. Guesses ranged from $11.5 million to "$200 gazzillion and 35 cents," but one person nailed it: anonymous commenter #7! An interesting debate broke out between fans of pre-war co-ops, with their foyers and their maid's quarters and their walls, and fans of modern loft-syle condos. And by interesting, we of course mean bitter.
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