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Doctoroff Resignation React-o-Matic

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Have you heard? Dan Doctoroff, Mayor Bloomberg's development czar, resigned today, and it turns out that many folks have been waiting for such an occasion to do some serious venting about the dude. Sure, his two big visions?a Jets stadium over the Hudson Yards and an NYC Olympics in 2012?didn't quite pan out, and sure, he's leaving us with that whole Atlantic Yards thing, but the level of bile directed at El Doctor is still rather impressive. A sampling:

1) "Our loss was his inability to identify what the city truly needed in the sad days after 9/11 and a focus on achievable and desired goals. That and a bit too close relationship to developers looking for a buck off the city. So here we are -- a city less affordable and with more luxury highrises built by Trump&Co... and a Bruce Ratner nightmare that will live on." [Curbed comments]
2) "Mr. Doctoroff was most famous for turning the decades old Bronx Terminal market into a shopping mall, turning the Brooklyn waterfront into an Ikea, turning more of the Brooklyn waterfront into luxury buildings and calling it a 'park,' driving out much loved ethnic vendors from Red Hook and pushing through Atlantic Yards, a development expected to be the densest residential construction in the history of the U.S. His departure brought tears from fat cat developers around the city. [City Room comments]

3) "Thank god. The toxic avenger is out." [The Politicker comments]
4) "Under Dan (and Mike and Marky), this city has been sectioned up into so many choice cuts of meat for the fatcat RE interests. If you think vibrancy means ugly oversized condo buildings designed by Scarano and an unaffordable city that drives out everyone except lawyers and Wall Street types you need to look in the dictionary." [City Room again, just for good measure]

That's a lot of abuse to take for a job that paid $1 a year, no? Godspeed, little Daniel.
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