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On the Racked: iPacking Apple's Stairs, Death of 34th Street Apple Dream, Lining Up for Handbangs in Soho, Mo' Banks

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

[Photo via Gizmodo]

1) MePa: Yes, the plywood is down at the 14th Street Apple store. Catch it while this new iPacking landmark still looks "immaculate."

2) Midtown: Alas, the MePa Apple will have to do for now. Racked passes along word that the 34th Street Apple Dream is dead. "It makes sense: Jobs certainly wouldn't want the grime of 34th Street sullying his jewel box of a store," Racked writes. "Sorry to disappoint."

3) Soho: The photos of "70 shivering women" standing in line in Soho to get handbags at Botkier in the freezing cold at 8:45AM are not to be missed.

4) Everywhere: The latest installment of Racked's Mo' Banks includes Mo' in Flatiron, Williamsburg, Chelsea and the East Village (twice). Find your new neighborhood branches here.