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Moynihan Station Wants the Miracle Off 34th Street

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Today marks another stepping stone on the way to the Moynihan Station/Penn Station/Farley Post Office/MSG thingamajig. There's a public hearing about the project, but since designs and numbers are still being tossed around, no one's expecting anything new or exciting. Citizens will, however, get to comment on the famed scoping document. Yep, it's going to be pretty boring, but there's plenty of excitement on the sidelines. Charles Bagli reports in the Times today that Moynihan developers Related and Vornado are trying to lure Macy's from its landmark headquarters on 34th Street to a new location inside the train station. Wait, so they're not going to fills Moynihan's millions of square feet of retail space with Duane Reades, Chase banks and Pinkberrys? An interesting strategy, for sure.
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