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Curbed PriceChopper: 231 16th Street Heads South

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Those with a memory for ugly resident vs. developer fights might recall the special nastiness that erupted on 16th Street in the South Slope around this year between the owner of 229 16th Street and the developer of the Robert Scarano-designed building next door at 231 16th Street. (It's the dispute that even has its own website.) A followup came into our inbox. It says:

Remember that legal battle between a self-entitled neighbor and an a**hole developer in South Slope? The allegedly 90% "sold out" condo at 231 16th St just got its third pricechop.While it's not like the End of the World odor given off by the Shangri-La about nine or ten blocks away earlier this week, there are definitely some new PriceChops on Street Easy. of a big enough magnitude (up to 15 percent, give or take, on some units on the market for almost 460 days) that they begin to exude a vague aroma of desperation. We always figured the dead tree on the balcony wasn't a good sign.
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