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Another Hotel Coming to Williamsburg?

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Is another Williamsburg building, in this case, 131-139 N. 11 Street in Williamsburg going to be the neighborhood's next hotel? Could be. Artists working in a neighboring building are up in arms about a 12-story structure they say is planned for the property. The first seven floors would be condo units and the top five floors would be hotel rooms. Demolition permits recently were issued for the building and they say that workers going at it on the roof and that they're afraid work will cause their building to "fall over." The interesting part is that the property is on a block that was downzoned a few years ago, so variances would be needed to go that high, which should make the development process quite interesting. The hotel itself, would be a little bit further off the Steakhouse Tourism trail than another recently-opened lodging, but still close enough to offer the Luger Advantage, if not a Bedford inducement.
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