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Renzo Piano Plays it Soft at The Times Center

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The last thing we heard from the recently sanctified New York Times Tower was the sound of breaking glass. While some people are more than saddened by the "unfinished" top of the tower, there is a space deep within the building which is anything but "ragged." Come with us, down where it's cozy and warm. Where everything is bathed in red and yellow and orange. This is The Times Center, where brains collide.

The Times Center lobby, as viewed from the sidewalk along West 41st Street.

There's no disappointing "fizzle" down here. It's all warmth and coziness, with walls like marmalade. The entire Center emits a golden glow, enough to give life to a whole bunch of birch trees which have sprouted right beyond its walls! Inside the lobby, hangs a bold bronze relief which calls to those who pass, "All the News That's Fit to Print." Catchy. Where did they find that? No matter. More important are the big names that gather here to chat. It's a never-ending list with something for everyone. And it all happens right in the heart of the tower, which sits smack dab at the very center of the known world.

Main lobby of The Times Tower, with birch grove and Times Center beyond.

Folks gather in the lobby of the Times Center.

The Art Deco brass relief which hangs in The Center's lobby.

Pre-construction drawing: The Center at the heart of the new Times Tower.

A final taste of that soft, yellow and orange glow.
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