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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Curbed Cup First Round: (1) FiDi vs. (16) Jackson Heights (148 Comments)
"FiDi. Any neighborhood that has a newly conceived nickname after being in existance since the beginning of NYC has to come out on top."
2) Curbed Roundtable: December State O' the Market Report (147 Comments)
"For those with high incomes (especially in the co-op market, with the AMT phaseout of co-op maintenance deductibility), there is absolutely no question that renting is better right now. Simple math. Renting is at least $1,500-2,000 cheaper all-in (per month) on nearly everything I'm seeing out there in the $900k - $1.4MM price range. The numbers only favor buying (again, speaking only for right now) if you assume pretty hefty appreciation in the asset, which seems to be a bit of a stretch with prices per sq ft topping $1,200 on mediocre space."
3) Your Morning Credit Crunch: Everything is Fine! (101 Comments)
"The NYC real estate market is not a single market. There are neighborhood-by-neighborhood dynamics. There is new build vs. old construction. There are high-end condos, which have a completely different buyer pool than co-ops, and therefore completely different demand dynamics. Even within the condo market, there are trophy high-end condos with spectaculoid views and outdoor spaces vs. less fabulous condos for the run-of-the-mill buyer."
4) Checking In: At YVES, It's Easy Being Green (39 Comments)
"Clear glass = expensive glass. Green glass = cheap glass. Wavy green glass = even cheaper glass. But hey, at least they sprung for curtain wall, which is better than most residential in this city."