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Park Slope's Heritage Shows Its Fischer to the Nabe

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This is the Heritage at Park Slope, which is among the neighborhood's first Karl Fischer. The dark red brick building (whose marketing slogan is "History is Your Future") has slowly been losing the netting and scaffolds that have surrounded it, and to tell he truth, it's a bit hard to know what to make of this one as it varies from some of the other Fischers. It's not as, uh, striking as some, like 20 Bayard, and doesn't display the box atop box panache of others like The Ikon. Nor it is quite as depressing as the red brick Roebling Square or as mind blowing and tubular as the Powerhouse in Long Island City. In any case, the website talks about how somebody bought a building a long time ago, had children, and how the property was passed it on from generation to generation so that, now, the condos can go for up to $1M+. The building comes from PRD Realty Development. A few more, and you'll need a guide book to keep track of all the Fischers.
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