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NOMA No Mas? Inwood Gets Rebranded

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Up in the wilds of Inwood, new developments land not with a whimper, but with a BANG. Take for example, the new building at 175 Payson Avenue near Inwood Hill Park. Some would think the little six-story, 12-unit building (prices range from $405k to $820k) is not much to write home about, but they would be wrong. Since this is Inwood, and every new building must make some sort of grand statement about the neighborhood so that non-Inwoodites will take interest, Nest Seekers International is calling the thing NOMA 175, which we guess stands for North Manhattan. Inwoodite files the necessary reaction, and there are more questions than answers.

What grabs us more than amenities and asking prices, though, is the neighborhood pitch. Will Washington Heights and Inwood (or just Inwood) be re-branded as NOMA? Will a slick new moniker -- which, we admit, we prefer to WaHI -- and our "exciting new commercial ventures" lure wealthy homesteaders to be among the "trendsetters reshaping the area"? One thing's for sure. The developers aren't coming.

They're here.

Dramatic, but we hope this NOMA thing catches on, if only so that we can call the Financial District SOMA, Hudson Yards WOMA, and York Avenue EOMA.
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