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Ask Curbed: Will the Condo be Quieter Than the Rental?

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We reach into the Ask Curbed Inbox for a question about how to ensure that the place that one buys will be quieter than the place that one rents. Here is the situation and the questions:

After a decade of NYC living, I'm tired of hearing people above me, below me, and beside me, and in the hallways, and on the steps. It's time to move from renting to buying. Here's my question about apartment noise: what questions do I need to ask about the building's materials to ensure no noise from above or below? What building materials are best? Will all new buildings be built out of soundproof material? (Concrete?) Is a general rule the older the building, the noisier it will be, or will newer buildings be even noiser?Your replies ahead in the Comments and, as always, your Ask Curbed questions welcomed at our Inbox.
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