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Hudson Blue to Try, Try Again with Sotheby's

When Braden Keil reported back in November that Leonardo DiCaprio was in fact buying an apartment at Hudson Blue, but a much smaller one than originally thought, we assumed the new glass-wrapped West Village building would sink back into anonymity, dwarfed by the nearby Richard Meier towers. But big things are happening out there on West Street. Hudson Blue listings popped back up on StreetEasy, and it appears the developers have dumped Corcoran for Sotheby's. Or maybe the split was amicable. Whatevs. Either way, Hudson Blue is now being marketed as having six units instead of eight, so some light floor plan rejiggering took place. Five of the listings are up, the sixth being DiCaprio's in-contract pad, we assume. As for what's available, we recommend the $6.995 million "executive penthouse" for optimal Leo topping/female model impressing.
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Hudson Blue

423 West Street, New York, NY