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Stench of Rotting Trash Better Than 'Vegas on the Hudson'?

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There's a new twist among the many turns involving the two proposals to turn Pier 40 at Houston Street into (a) an artsy "Vegas-like" entertainment complex or (b) a People's Pier with more ballfields. A decision was put off to allow for a third proposal to be put together. In the meantime, some people are now saying they're in favor of parking garbage trucks on the pier near the existing ball fields in order to keep the entertainment complex out. Seriously. In what may be the first instance we've ever come across of people in a community advocating for garbage truck parking, Downtown Express quotes the head of youth programs on Pier 40 saying that, upon careful reflection, there's really nothing wrong with a fleet of garbage trucks.

He says:

“Sports uses can live with sanitation if it is done properly...There is no advantage to having [other] activity on the waterfront. The waterfront should be for recreation. Sixty trucks are better than 1,000 cars coming to an entertainment complex.”The original deadline for proposals was extended until December 15 to give the Pier 40 Partnership time to come up with an alternative to the "Vegas" plan being pushed by The Related Companies. No word on the coalition that would back the 60 Sanitation Trucks in August Plan.
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