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Doormen: Doggy Breath in Manhattan & Non-Union in Brooklyn

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Call it a Tale of Two Boroughs, each with different doorman issues. In one corner, we have Manhattan. The issue: The Doorman with Doggy Breath. In the other corner, we have Brooklyn. The problem: Doormen Without Unions. First, the Manhattan Halitosis Doorman, who is no doubt having a bad day seeing his breath issue play out in the Daily News. The doorman, who works at Gracie Gardens on E. 89th Street says he's trying: "I'm not using garlic anymore. I use mouthwash and I use breath mints on the job." He's already been suspended twice for bad breath. Meanwhile, Brooklyn doormen are profiled today on TRE. It notes they aren't unionized, don't get benefits, don't get paid holidays and don't always get overtime. Nor do they get get uniforms, just suits they buy themselves. To complete the circle of irony, however, it should be noted that the Bad Breath Doorman belongs to the union that represents doormen. Also, he lives in Brooklyn, where the condo buyers might not be so uptight about a little doggy breath from time to time.
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