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Brooklyn Navy Yard Ultimatum: Admiral's Row Must Go Or Else

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The battle lines have been drawn about the Admiral's Row houses at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A Federal agency will have a meeting next week before deciding on the transfer of the property to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp., which now says it doesn't want the land if it can't tear down the buildings. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle says that a report will be presented at the meeting that it would cost $18 million to repair the very deteriorated historic buildings. Meanwhile, the Historic Wallabout Association has come up with a compromise set of talking points that call for construction of the supermarket the city wants to build along with adaptive reuse of some of the buildings and creation of a panel of local "stakeholders" to come up with a plan. To which the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp. President Andrew Kimball told the Eagle "no way."

Here's some of what he says:

“Whether it’s $18 million, $30 million or $50 million, the question is who’s going to pay for it? What are you going to do with the structures once they’re rebuilt from the ground up?...said Kimball. “We’re not interested in the site if there’s restrictions put on to rebuild from the ground up.” The Federal agency that will make the decision about the property says that if the city doesn't want it, it will find someone else to take the property.It should be interesting.
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