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Celebrities Hate Their Co-op Boards Too!

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Co-op boards are fickle beasts, aren't they? So when your name is dropped all over town as looking to buy here, or looking at a house there, or wanting something over by the other thing, your homeboys sitting on your local co-op board may start feeling inferior or neglected, or worse: they may get pissed. That seems to be the case with Madonna, who appears to have backed off her housing hunt and instead favors an expansion in Harperley Hall at 41 Central Park West, her New York stronghold for many years. That's fine, except that the Harperley co-op board blocked her purchase of neighbor Julie Clark Thayer's apartment, and now the Post reports that Madonna is suing the board over it. She is seeking a court order allowing the sale to go through, as well as legal fees and expenses. Celebrities: they're just like us! They also get screwed when it comes to New York real estate!
· Madonna Sues Co-Op Board [NYP]

[41 Central Park West photo via PropertyShark]