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Ask Curbed: Can I Return With My Own Broker?

We turn to the Ask Curbed Inbox to air the following broker-buyer dilemma:

The question is as follows: if I visit an open house on my own (I was in the process of choosing our broker) and later want to return with the broker I chose, because somehow I feel more comfortable to have someone representing us, can the selling broker deny me the right to see the property and negotiate? It happened to us on a listing at LES. By sheer chance I coincided with the broker I was thinking to approach (a friend of a friend) at the open house and as we left the property, we made an appointment. I was called by the listing agent and I shared very openly this information and he totally freaked out, saying that that brokerage firm had done him wrong so they had to pay, so no, no way I could come into the deal with them... Can I have any comments?Ball's in your court.
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