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Historical Society Throwdown on the UWS

The New York Historical Society brought their proposed renovation plans to the community last night, and the community came out in force to object to their hi-rise plans. A Curbed tipster was in attendance and reports:

Big community meeting last night at the Unitarian church on the Upper West Side across from the NY Historical Society. The Society came to talk to the neighborhood about its $15 million renovation, but said little about what they called the "second project," the potential high-rise condo they would build right off of CPW and 76th. That angered almost everybody there since no one objected to the museum part, but everyone turned out to vent against the hi-rise. Bill Moyers, a neighborhood resident, got a standing ovation when he told a museum rep that he could only support the museum renovation if the Society promised not to build the hi-rise. He [Moyers] argued that once that space off CPW was gone "you can never get it back." The Society was definite in its response: they said flatly to Moyers that it could make no such promise. They have sent out RFPs to developers and promise to return to the nabe when they have something definite to discuss about the hi-rise, or even if they will have one. I bet, that is when the sparks will really begin to fly. The Society's Strategic Plan has all the details on the renovation. We can't wait for the Starchitect naming and eventual showdown with the Landmarks commission.
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