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Williamsburg Construct-O-Rama: Much of N. 5th Street

A special Curbed correspondent offers more evidence that the last product a Williamsburg business produces is condos. This time, there's work getting underway at 91 N. 5th Street, as the corner of Berry where an industrial building that went for $7 million in August is about to get scaffolded. Looks like a six-story condo with 40 apartments is on its way. There's also a nice big hole across the street at 90 N. 5th Street (not to be confused with the really big hole with a busted fence from a couple of weeks back), but plans for that one, drawn up by...drum roll...Scarano Architects have been rejected for now. That one's supposed to be a five-story building with 23 units. Which makes at least three new buildings underway within two blocks on N. 5th, not counting a decrepit building that's going to sprout new apartments, from which our correspondent was told trees growing inside were removed.
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