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The Real Urban Ass House

Real Philip Johnson fanboys don't buy at that other Urban Ass House. Nope, they go straight for the real one: the Manhattan pied-a-terre the late architect rested his shiny noggin in. The Post's Braden Keil reports that PJ's 1,427-square-foot apartment in the Museum Tower is up for grabs, and the brokers appear to be banking on some pedigree. The one-bedroom is listed at $2.5 million. The apartment has views of both the Johnson-designed MoMA Sculpture Garden and the Johnson-designed AT&T building, which, when Johnson was still kicking around, had to have been the greatest deal-closer of a line ever. "And if you look out my windows, you'll see some buildings I designed..."
· Gimme Shelter [Braden Keil/NYP]
· Listing: 15 W 53rd Street [Elliman]