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CurbedWire: Harlem Mystery Thickens; Merger Madness

The view from Loft124 in Harlem

1) Harlem: A tipster checks in with a clue regarding an unsolved Rumblings. She writes, "On my way to the Loft124 open house this Sunday I noticed that the mysterious lot on Lenox between 124th and 125th has some construction wood-planks on site. I guess there is something being built there after all? Why is it so hard to find out what is going on there? Surely someone knows?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Real Estate Brokers: More info on the recent merger of Fenwick Keats Goodstein, courtesy of a tipster who writes, "Just told by a Fenwick-Keats Goodstein agent that the newly merged company, which closed its (original Fenwick-Keats) east side office after the merger, is now going to close the (original) Fenwick-Keats Flatiron office within the month. The original Fenwick-Keats largest offices were their East Side location and the Flatiron offices. All remaining agents are to be moved to the midtown original Goodstein office." [CurbedWire Inbox]