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Bowery Hotel Touts Fancy Pillows, Styrofoam!

The hype commences for next month's opening of Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson's Bowery Hotel with a two-page spread about the hotel in the new Vanity Fair. Born the Tower of Bowery (designed by none other than Robert Scarano), longtime Curbed readers have followed the saga of the illegally built condo-tower's conversion into a dorm and then a boutiquey dream. Credit Goode for this honesty, speaking to architecture critic Paul Goldberger at VF: "The building was literally built out of Styrofoam, with hideous aluminum windows and cheap air-conditioning units. But we thought it had good bone structure."

Wow, literally built out of Styrofoam? Given that fact, they've really done wonders with the lobby (above right), no? (Also: nice pillows! We're stealing two.)
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