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The Most Zen Landlord in New York City

How zen is your landlord? Before you answer, consider two recent correspondences a Curbed correspondent had with her landlord—a landlord who just happens to be 300 years old. "I emailed my landlord and said, 'The refrigerator is broken, how would you like me to handle?' and received this response," our correspondent emails. "I am not kidding." Emails the landlord:

Repair issues are spoken to in the lease. Like in a house, things break and need to be fixed. It is always about who fixes/pays for things. "Fair" is a relative term. I don't know what to do. "Old" is a relative term too...300 is old, I'm a yogi. What came out of my Conscious Death is Immortality. I am living in an Immortal Yogi Cave right now. Last week my frige broke, being a raw foodist it wasn't a big deal. Instead of complaining, I called info/411 for a repair company and got a serviceman to fix it, it was the condenser.If only we could all find such peace in the destruction of a fridge. Regarding a query about an uncashed rent check, the landlord emails:

I'm a yogi who's adding on the Asthanga Practice, in silence. I break silence for text and speak when I have to but where I live is silent, I'm otherwise silent, no distractions. I'm also doing a yogi thing called Conscious Death where you let go of everything to source self (and experience being the obserer and observed at the same time). I am also practicing Deconstruction Philosophy as taught by Jaques Derrida and have created my own language. I dont really talk to anyone anymore. I'm a Raw Foodist/Food Purist and eat only from my hand, drink water only from my own well, never eat out, only go out when I have to, never drink etc. I'm ancient, it took me a long time to get here. After a certain age you stop apologizing for yourself, that's me.And now, actually, that's us, too.