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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Tom Brady's Quick Out

1) In September, NFL Golden Boy Tom Brady bought a 70th floor three-bedroom apartment in the Time Warner Center for $14.5 million. Now he's trying to flip the 2,900-square-foot condo for $16.5 million, a quickie $2 million profit that will no doubt get funneled into the Gisele Bundchen Valentine's Day Gift Fund. The listing, unfortunately, doesn't have interior shots, but the views sure are nice. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) It looks like there's finally a real celebrity that will be living in the Atelier on far West 42nd Street. Rapper/actress Eve signed a rent-to-own deal, and she won't be joining Maggie Rizer, James Blake and Jesse L. Martin. [Page 6]

3) The final stats on Naomi Campbell's sold Park Avenue apartment, previously reported to have gone for under the $4.95 million asking price: sold for $4.5 million (she payed $3.9 million) to a London-based businessman who had previously lived in the building. [Josh Barbanel/Big Deal]