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CurbedWire: Double Dose of Beaver, 6 Columbus Update

1) FiDi: We simply cannot get enough of William Beaver. Luckily, a tipster sends this fresh report: "I know how much you guys love the Beav, so I thought I'd have to share this. I work at a large commercial brokerage, so I don't know why I would receive this, but I just got an information package on the WB House. It came in a clear packet with the Beav logo on it, and inside was a nice 'book cover' folder (closed with a huge yellow heroin rubber band), with a Owner's Manual and William Beaver House CD-ROM. Not only this, but the owner's manual has a centerfold rendering of the building (see picture). Sorry about the phone pictures, but its all I had." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) FiDi: Others have had all the Beaver they can handle. A reader writes, "As I sit here in my office each of the past dozen days, I wonder how much louder construction noise can get. The site is the corner of Broad and Beaver St. and although I don't have a noise meter, the intensity of the noise throughout the day must exceed 50dBs. A call to 311 results in a statement that I can file a complaint, but that construction noise during business hours is unregulated. I don't buy it." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Midtown West: It's been a few months since our last 6 Columbus Circle update. A tipster checks in with some new info, writing, "the rooms at 6 Columbus, the Hotel on w 58th Street seem to be done (you can see them at night through the scrim over the facade) and two days ago a construction shed went up around the street doorway, leading me to believe they are finally going to work on the lobby. There is already a guest too! A Charles Manson lookalike has taken up residence on the stoop, storing his bedding in the scaffolding. the shed forced him to move a few inches...but as of today, he's still there." [CurbedWire Inbox]